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How does a freelancer get access?
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Originally Posted by ewheeler20 View Post
How does a freelancer get access?
By having established relationships with various media outlets (newspapers, magazines, etc). These relationships don't come easy, and quite frankly most of these outlets have access more photographers than they really need, so there aren't too many open positions available for a budding freelancer. As John mentioned, a lot depends on how big the act/event is. For major acts/events, the chances of an average joe getting a job shooting the event is slim and none, with the actual odds being much closer to none.
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Eric -
For the most part today, how freelancing happens is the freelancer has an assignment from a media outlet/magazine/newspaper. So for example, the newspaper I used to freelance for would contact me if they needed a photog (or sometimes I would pitch an idea to the editor). Once the freelancer and the paper/magazine/etc. have a commitment the editor contacts the issuing agency for credential. Now, depending on the contract between the freelancer and paper/magazine/etc. the freelancer may or may not be able to attempt to sell photos to additional buyers. But you rarely have a person getting a credential where you don't have an editor requesting it. Again, we're talking major here - not small stuff. For example, any person with a camera would like to request a credential for a U2 concert. You're not going to get that by calling them up and saying you are going to post photos on your blog. But a local battle-of-the-bands competition that is just getting going and isn't going to attract major media attention might be OK with giving you one.
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