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There is something that probably has a perfectly easy explanation but that I have not yet been able to understand. I keep the picture quality of my camera in 8 megapixels (it could go until ten, but I settle for . Ok. Once I take a picture and transfer it to Explorer's basic image program, it tells me that the picture I just took has a size of 1.18 MB. If I ask Adobe Elements 6 to open the picture, it gives me the following info:

Pixel Dimension: 22.9 MB [isn't this huge?]

Width 3264

Height 2448

Document Size: 115.15 cm x 86.36 cm [these numbers mean that it could bean almost four feet by three print, right?]

Sorry if this is such an elementary question. But I really would like to know if there is consistency between my camera setting and the software's information. 8)

Thanks for answering!
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You are really talking about two different things. The size in pixels, is the number of pixels in the width times the height, so 3264 x 2448 = 7,990,272 pixels total, or around 8 megapixels. When your camera takes a shot, it converts it to a .jpeg, which is a compressed file format. The file size will vary depending on the amount of compression (or quality) and the amount of detail in the photo.

When the file is opened for viewing by your photo editing software, it is uncompressed, and converted to a bitmap image, so you will see the larger file size while it is open. When you save it from the photo editor as a .jpeg file again, it will be compressed by the editing software. but, depending on your quality setting, may be a larger file size than the original picture.

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The document size depends on how many pixels per inch the software is set to. For a decent print you want to aim for at least 200 pixels per inch. This would give a print size of 16 inches by 11 inches. You can go bigger because bigger pictures are usually viewed from further away so any lack of detail isn't seen but 4ft x 3ft would be stretching things a bit far.

Don't know why you'd buy a 10Mp camera and then set it to 8Mp. Memory cards are cheap enough now that you can afford to save pictures at the best quality the camera is capable off.
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