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Greetings,I have an opportunity to photograph sample wedding invitations. I have a light tent that I have used for personal photography so I would not have to outlay any additional cash to do this project. I have not sold any of my photographs, so I am curious if anyone knows how much one would charge for this type of photography. Would one charge an hourly rate, per photo, other?There would be 20-25 items photographed at first, then a couple of new photos occassionally as new product is created.The client plans to use the photographs on a web site and in magazines for advertising purposes. Would you also watermark or otherwise sign the photos?Any advice would be greatly appreciated.mactek
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It's hard to say what to charge because the client is going to use them for advertising purposes. As for signing or watermarking them, the client may not want that since it will be on thier site.

You may want to get some actual legal help in working up some release paperwork to decide a few things like who do the photos belong to and who has teh rights to use them.

My wife visits MPIX forums and there is a lot of good information there about the business side of photography. Perhaps they could help you out.


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This software came up during a video about a photo copyright issue.


Software gives you an idea of what you should be charging based on what the photo will be used for.
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As the client is 'buying' the photograph you shouldn't be putting any watermarks on theimages themselves (watermarking is to stop people stealing your image, and thus it's presence in an advert would indicate to the readerthat's what the company has done), though you could ask for a small credit to be included with each use as part of your payment (like a tiny 'Photography by Mateck' on the side of the print adverts).

With photography of this nature I'd probably say charge by the image: if every invitation is going to be photographed in the same position against the same background then you'll probably whizz through the shooting once you've set up the first photograph perfectly. Charging by the hour is probably best reserved for if you're going to be having hourly expenses (paying a model, hiring a studio etc); although you should be aiming to make the same amount either way I suppose.
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