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Mathew Mar 4, 2003 9:36 PM

Prices of digital cameras
Which part of the world has the lowest price for digital cameras. I was under the impression that Singapore is the best. However, recently I made a survey and, as an example, learnt that Minolta Dimage X sells for US$ 240 in New York, 300 in U.A.E., 280 in Singapore, 340 in Bangkok. Does it mean that New York is the best place. Or, is there anything behind the screen? Is it possible that some shops are selling used ones in new packets? I am sure there must be experts in this field.

eric s Mar 4, 2003 10:00 PM

You don't say where in New York.

There are a whole set of really bad/sleezy sellers in New York. Really giving the place a bad name, considering that B&H Photo Video is there too (a very good place.) Check out the first post in the Newbie forum here. It was posted by Steve (man who runs this site) and it has a link to a PC World article about the amazing scams that some of the New York stores do.

Personaly, I don't know where the best place in the world is to buy. But not having a valid warenty for where you lives matters, so don't forget that when you buy abroad.


Mathew Mar 5, 2003 9:44 PM

It was in Canal street and Orchard street in New York. I don't know the name of the retailer/shop. In case you can give me the name of some reliable shops in this area, I will be grateful.

eric s Mar 7, 2003 1:35 AM

I don't know about that area, but I can suggest a few that are in New York. Excuse the formatting, I just clipped the text off their web pages:
B&H Photo
420 Ninth Avenue
New York, NY 10001, USA
Adorama Camera, Inc. 42 West 18th Street New York, NY 10011
Address: 16 W. 19th Street New York, NY 10011

Personally, I've never dealt with any of them, but I know people who have and they are all good places. B&H has an amazing reputation and an amazing store (I'm told.) I've heard a iff'y things about calumet, but I know a few who are completely happy with them. Wll of good ratings on:
(and their ratings match the order I listed them.)

THEBEECEE Mar 7, 2003 10:37 AM

I've dealt with B&H both online and in-store and found them to be very reputable (although not necessarily the cheapest)

Not to defame some of the legitamate merchants on Canal St., but if you ever took a walk down this street you would find that this is not the place you would want to buy camera equiptment. (Great place for used electronics parts, womens panty hose by the gross and discount art supplies).

fporch Mar 7, 2003 10:57 AM

I too have spent some serious bucks with B&H and had nothing but good service and good product. My observaton is that they are not the cheapest online pricer but usually 20-30% less than my local camera store. Interestingly enough, my local store, where I still do some shopping, has started to immediately offer me discounts of 20-30% when I show interest in an accessory, which has been a good enough of a price break to get me buy. I think locally owned stores are definetly feeling the competition from reputable online sellers.

Mathew Mar 9, 2003 9:47 PM

Thanks for all that. In addition, I will be grateful for the names of some reliable online stores from which I can order these cameras.

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