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My answer is to try it yourself. In my case going to the local Walgreens beats having a photo printer at home. Not only am I getting pictures in real photo paper (that will last as long as any picture from film) but also they deliver faster. I don't think you can get 40 something pictures printed at home in 15 minutes or so.
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Originally Posted by CheckSix
York looks pretty inviting. But, I prefer 30 mins for my photos instead of waiting a few days. If I want to do that I'll just go back to film . Shipping and handling is a buck anyway. Perhaps I'll try them out.

True. But I do not get anything accomplished by having pictures come back in an hour. Digital processing is not like Film, where your results were unknown and you needed a quick processing turnaround to determine whether you need to take more pictures or not.
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IMO, except for UrbanPhotos, everyone missed the "Big" picture: Where else can one get high quality silver halide 12"x18" enlargements for only $2.99 (on a 24-hr turn around time) beside Costco?

Also has anyone try to download ~60MB/picture Tiff files without broadband (even bringing a fast CF card to local stores wouldn't cut it)? :P
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I have no mental block or prejudice towards Costco.
All I care about is QUALITY.

if Costco can do as good or better than Yorkphoto, bye bye yorkphoto. but alas. I do not have a Costco near me.
All I have is lots of Walgreens, Riteaid, CVS, Sam's Club, BJ's wholesale, Target, Kmart and Ritz Camera.
With the exception of Ritz Camera, I have tried all of them and nobody has measured up even close to Yorkphoto in terms of Quality of processing and printing. So even if I have to wait 7 days for my pictures to come, so shall I. but under no circumstances will I print "cloudy", "dull", "boring" pictures at the aforementioned processing centers.
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