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Upalms May 7, 2004 4:35 PM

Hi, We run Mac's (G3's and 4's) and have a Epson Photo 1200 that just blew up, we presently have a Minolta 7i, and are selling it to by the new Nikon D70. We're looking for a printer around the $300 range that will work well with the Nikon, we mainly want it to print photos, we also occasionaly use it to output color proofs for clients. We need to move quickly, like Monday, and have no time to research, we're looking for advice to narrow the field.

CastleDude May 7, 2004 9:56 PM

I own two printers in that range (or less)...

Epson R200 ... $99 great quality prints, borderless printing, prints CDs (why I bought it). A little hungry on the ink. Not bad speed but about 1/2 the speed of the Canon printers. R300 adds a memory card reader, R300M ads a picture display.

Canon i860 ... $150 great quality prints (not quite as good as the R200 but still good). FAST, borderless, great as a text printer also. The quality of this printer is better than your old Photo 1200.

Canon i9100 .. (Been looking at this one) FAST up to 13x19 prints in5 min. Just reduced to $299 (Fry's lists this price) because the i9900 was released. Great quality printing (was at the top of quality until the i9900 came out).

Others ...

Canon i960 ... Fast and probably the best small format (8x10)printer on the market. Well at least until next month when the i990 comes out.

If youwant/need the wide format printing the i9100 in your price range it is an amazing machine. I have decided (today) to toss in an additional $200 for the i9900. But I want to use the prints in my porfolio so the ultimate sounds good.

Dont forget to check out the reviews here (just look for any printer review after 2003)....

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