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deadshot Mar 28, 2011 11:49 AM

Printer Woes
I was not sure whether to post this here or on Misc Acc's.
I use an Epson Stylus Photo RX20 inkjet and it prints well but blocks up from time to time as does everyone elses I guess but whats the take on laser printers are they good ??
When I put it through a clean cycle it uses about 25% or my ink. Sometimes I can get away with running the cartridge under the hot top. I have a small multicoloured pic that I print off every so often to keep the ink flowing but it still dries out.
Any suggestions?

big_potato Mar 28, 2011 1:15 PM

LASER toners may be even more expensive than ink cartridges.

Moreove LASER could also have some sort of "best before date" as well
(either artificially electronic-stamped onto the firmware, or real chemical aging ...etc)

I am using Kodak sublimation type printer.

It doesn't have toner aging problem.

But it can only print up to 4R

and the toner isn't low-cost either.

BillDrew Mar 30, 2011 3:08 PM

For B/W printing I think it is hard to beat a laser printer. I have had a cheap Samsung printer for eight years and it is just beginning to develop a problem with the paper advance rollers. No problem at all with the toner aging - the first one lasted six years.

I have given up on critical color printing - I leave that to the commercial outfits. A cheap inkjet is just fine for things that just need a touch of color in the midst of text.

VTphotog Mar 30, 2011 8:37 PM

Inkjets have gotten to where the droplets, and the nozzles, are so fine that clogs are hard to avoid, and the periodic cleaning cycles use a lot of expensive ink. I have gone through three cheap Epsons over the past several years, and each one eventually clogged beyond recovery. The one I use now, an R1800, has been working for three years an only one serious clog. I do print at least one color page per week when I don't have a lot of work for it, and have resigned myself to spending a hundred bucks to fully re-ink it, now and then.
Everything is a tradeoff - lasers have never given me the kind of prints I want, though. OK for office memos and presentations, but not for photographs.


Ozzie_Traveller Mar 31, 2011 4:29 PM

G'day DS + Others

Agree with you entirely - my experiences exactly
Over the past decade I have gone thru 1/2-dozen ink jet printers and they all behave like you describe ~ and all have been junked at about 15-20months of life. I am also cheesed off at the unit cost of ink carts - horrendous cost/Litre of ink

As Brian ^ says above - domestic colour laser is okay for office memo stuff [pop into a real estate shop & look at their for-sale images] but is not up to hi-quality photographic standards. Here in Oz I can buy a domestic colour laser for $250, with the 4 [CMYK] replacement, full-size toner carts costing $1200 !!!!! but doing 2000 A4 pages ~ so the theoretical cost/page becomes acceptable if you can justify the entire expense

Like Bill ^, I now leave all my colour printing to the commercial outfits ~ their equipment and throughput is such that their unit costs are always lower than I can manage

Regards, Phil

deadshot Apr 1, 2011 11:17 AM

Thanks for all the input ,I guess I'll stay with my injet.
I've found that when my cartridge clogs I can sometimes get it clear by running it under my hot tap, with the water running slowly and finely.

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