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obrien040362 Aug 11, 2004 9:38 PM

I having Trouble printing a 4" x 6" borderless photo

I crop, resize to 4" x 6" and get 3.75 by 5.875

Using a lexmark P700 (not the best by it should work)

Using Microsoft Picture It Photo 7

Using exactly 4" x 6" paper


Wildman Aug 11, 2004 10:39 PM

The ability to print borderless pictures is also a function of the printer... might be that your printer doesn't support borderless printing. What does your printer manual say?

Baz Aug 12, 2004 4:58 AM

Yes, as Wildman says it is a function of the printer. I can recommend the Canon printer & software that comes with the printer.

With the Canon's I have with their "Easy Photo" software one can print borderles or bordered images at A4, one or several image per page & 6x4 really good.

Wildman Aug 12, 2004 10:30 AM

There are programs available that will let you print three 4 X 6 photos on a single 81/2 X 11 sheet of photo paper (or two 5 X 7's). Once the print is completed, you can cut the pictures apart. This is really an inexpensive solution that I use most of the time. Those 4 X 6 sheets are pretty costly, but handy for printing a single picture that's been attached to an e-mail.

The program I use is one that shipped with an HP printer several years ago. Qimage will also work as well as a shareware program called PhotoPaperSaver.

obrien040362 Aug 12, 2004 12:47 PM

lexmark P700 supports borderless printing (so the manual says). Maybe they forgot to supply the scissors.


JimC Aug 12, 2004 2:16 PM

When all else fails, read the manual. You must select bordless in the Printer Options.

From the section on printing photos in the manual:

Step 2: Customize the print settings
1 With your document open, click File Print.
The Print dialog box appears.
2 From the Print dialog box, click Properties, Preferences, or Options.
3 Select a paper size:
a From the Print Properties dialog box, select the Paper Setup tab.
b From the Paper Size area, select:
– Borderless if you want to print a borderless photo. The size of the paper you are
using and the size of the photo you want to print must be the same.
– Paper if you do not want the printer to print to the edges of the paper.
c From the Paper Size menu, select the correct size. For more information about printing on
custom size paper, see page 41.
4 Click OK.

It also looks like your printer shipped with a photo printing software package with templates for printing photos. You can see how to use, beginning on Page 10 of this manual:

obrien040362 Aug 12, 2004 11:21 PM

thanks Jim

Even though my manual only goes to page 28 and it looks like they revised the software I got it to work.

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