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It's nice to know that something I've written hasn't been pure hogwash!

As for the 8 x 10 business, I don't know the layout of your HP software, but in Photoshop there is an Image menu from where you can click on Image Size to bring up the Image Size dialog box. The 31.56 x 23.67 inches you are seeing associated with your pictures means that the picture would print at that physical size at 72ppi if you just printed it "as is".
Now, the Image Size dialog box in PS lets you change both the physical size that the current document (your photo) will print at, and the resolution that it will print at.
The important thing here, is a little check-box that says "Resample Image" next to it.
If you check this box and then enter 8 inches x 10 inches in the Document Size boxes, the photo will print at a physical size of 8 x 10 inches -- but the program will resample the image to maintain a 72 ppi resolution. Obviously, we don't want to do that, so you make sure that the "Resample Image" box does not have a checkmark next to it. Now, when you enter the size that you want your photo to print at in the Document Size boxes, no resampling will take place and the resolution will actually increase as the selected document size decreases.
Without resampling, the program just stuffs all the image pixels into the smaller available space, and the resolution goes up.
PS lets you enter a resolution figure as well, and then shows you what size the image will print at given that resolution.
Your program probably has some variation on this theme and will likely let you do the same things.
Good luck!
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