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berto Jan 8, 2005 3:51 AM

anyone have any opinions regarding printing digital pictures at your nearest photo processing establishment?

i can never get great quality pictures. is there anything i should know?

eric s Jan 8, 2005 10:47 AM

Where do you print them? What editing software do you use? This will help a lot.

The problem is that printing pictures is easy. Printing pictures well is not.

This is the difference between going to Walmart and a real photolab.

Walmart uses good equipment with people that are barely trained (if at all.) So you never know if they'll swap paper brands on you, if the printer will have been changed during the last cleaning (and not noticed.) Their output can be great, or it can be wrong. You never know.

The photolab has trained people using good equipment (maybe the same as walmart, maybe different, maybe better.) Then they offer you different choices of paper and let you see the paper. They care about the quality of the print and check it (some even call you to warn you that a specific picture didn't come out well.)

You pay more for the photolab than Walmart. Some days the lab offers you more and it's worth it. Some times Walmart gets it right and you are amazed they do it so well at that low price.


berto Jan 8, 2005 11:54 AM

too many variables to consider. i think i'll just have them printed online. less headache for me for mass printouts. Jan 8, 2005 1:45 PM

I tried Ofoto, snapfish and they are fine if you don't mind waiting. I need my photos immediately and charge extra for the fact you get it now. I use Dye-sub printers instead of ink jet. They are very fast, always give perfectg prints, and look just like film. I have calibrated my monitor to my Olympus p440 and get perfect what you see is what you get. However, this is not as cheap as online and I can only print up to 8x10. But they do print perfect hassle free portraits and smaller sizes if you don't mind cutting.

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