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Default Printing to a Fuji Frontier Digital Mini-lab

Sorry for the cross post. I posted this to the General Printing forum, but now relized that is under the Software category. Not the right place for this question. So, I'm posting here. A mod can fee free to delete the thread in the General Printing forum.

Anyway.... Here is the question.

What DPI does the Fuji Frontier digital mini-lab want? If it want's 300 dpi, and i have a 1600x1200 image, I can't printa full 4x6 without upping the size of the image, right?

Will the machine do that for me, or do I need to use Photoshop first, before I take it to the photo lab?
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The Frontier mini lab 370 prints at 300 dpi. In UK I use a lab who feed their printer with 6X41/2 Fuji Crystal paper so no cropping for my cam!

If you leave the image alone, no post processing in PS, the mini-lab does everything and only one more jpeg iteration, you will always get the right size pic to suit the paper as they scale. But be warned, if your image aspect doesn't fit the paper aspect, they will crop. So best to shoot to protect a safe area in your cam viewfinder. Now some say the crop can be bottom up, top down or equal top and bottom. Lossless crop is probably the only action I might do, to make sure I crop the part I want if say I wanted 7x5. However, since their paper matches my image I don't do anything at the moment.

If you edit in PS, the Frontier apparently picks this up from the header, and no compensation is applied. This means you are responsible for your colour management!

I've found the colour management files for all their mini-labs from here: You register to enter the 1st level support and plug the file into QImage pro - what a gem!!

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I have a G2 and if I'm printing via a Fuji Frontier 370 or 390 mini-lab, I crop & color correct, etc my images to the size I want, say 4 x 6, at 300ppi in Photoshop, or else the lab will take a little of the top & bottom indiscriminately; save it in a separate file, never touching my original image file; burn them onto a CD-RW; and have the lab then print them w/o adjustment. I have ICC profiles for the mini-labs i use and the last step in PS is to covert them to that profile. You can have an ICC profile done. Visit www.drycreekphoto.com for specifics.

Good luck...Harvey
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