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I was just curious as to how many of you print your photos. Do you keep a photo album of prints? Do you only print a few of your favorites? What size do you normally print when you do, 3x5,4x6.....5x7?

I'm starting to aquire a few good photos and am wanting to print some of them, then I ask myself "what am I going to do with it when I do". Hang it on the wall, set it on my desk, put it in a folder/album to get forgoten about?

I'm sure the professionals out there do alot of printing for clients but how about the weekend warriors?

I was just thinking about this lately and thought I'd ask.

- Scott
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A boating club I belong to has events. I take photos and put them on a bulletin board we have just for that. They are usually 8.5 X 11 or 5 X 7. People are welcome to take them after they have been up for a meeting. I also make 5 X 7s for friends.

You can't put too many on a wall or it looks cluttered. I print mostly 13 X 17 for the wall. The living room is two stories tall and anything smaller gets lost.

I don't make photo albums. I can see them better on my computer screen.

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Hi Scott.

Yes, I do print a lot of my photos, but the reason may not help you. You see the main subject is George, my Grandson, (pictured with me in my avatar).

Now very nearly 22 months old, I must have about 300 prints from around 3000 photos in one Album, with another empty one waiting it's turn !!!

I have also printed off the same photos for his dad and mum, (my daughter).

Along with a couple of dozen or so for great granny and other family members, and 3 or 4 we have in frames around the house.

Now I realise this may seem a lot to some, but I never had the same opportunities with my own children, pre digital. You just never seemed to take as many and the expense !!!

Imagine how many rolls of film I would probably have got through to get 300 plus keepers:shock:

Yes, we do actually look at them occasionally and friends and family really do ask to see them. Honest:-). Admittedly not everytime they visit and we don't force the album on them .

Like I would imagine the same being for any parent, grandparent etc, we look on the photos as a record of the fun times we have had with him. It's nice to look at the early photos and see how he's grown.

By the way, a weekend warrior and usually 6"x 4" in the album, 7x5 or 8x6 in the framesand the occasional A4. And a few of him posted here as well.

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Thank you so much for the replies. These are the ideas/answers I was looking for. I understand the family photos being printed to share more readily. Most of my stuff right now is flowers, landscapes and the pets. Most of it experimental or just goofing around.

Thanks also for the print size suggestions.

Happy clicking :|

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I am a member of a photo club and I show prints at those meetings (once a month.) Until recently I only did 8x10's because that is the largest I could do. If you want to show them to a large group (often 15+ people) I can't really do smaller than 8x10.

I put them into an album and show them to friends who come to visit.

Now that I can make larger prints (much larger) I need to get a portfolio to store them in and for showing when I go to a club meeting. I also plan on framing some and hanging them around the house but I haven't done that yet.

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Photoshop Elements3 among many other programs has a nice built in program that allows you to make shows of your photos and put them on CD's which you can play in a DVD player. (Windows Movie Maker has the same ability.) I make CD's add music and show those to friends.

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