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Default Pro Photog Etiquette

I was at a wedding yesterday afternoon, the first wedding of the group of friends that I went to school with.

Unfortunately I spent a lot of the time trying to see what camera equipment the photographers were using. The older, seemingly in charge, man seemed to be sticking with film, he had new looking pentax and a very old looking Minolta..

His young assistant was using a Canon EOS 300D, with the optional battery-pack underneath and a Sunpack 420EX flash ( I think it's sunpack ) but was using ( I believe ) just the stock lens.

This knowledge came from just looking, because even though there may have been questions I wanted to ask ( and they did have a fairly long break spent outside smoking ), I wasn't sure as to how one would approach Pro's at work..

I'm not sure i'm actually going anywhere with this, just wondering if anyone tell me what is and isn't acceptable, any comments from Wedding Photographers would be appreciated as well.
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Just like any other professional at work. While they're working, leave them alone. While they're on a break or done is the best time to strike up conversation. Just put yourself in their shoes and threat them as you would expect to be treated.
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I have had this happen a few times to me while shooting horse shows, most are just interested in the equiptment I am using..... Others wonder why there point and shoots (while shooting under my lights, and Flash) Have shutter lag. I am allways happy to visit with these folks, and can even do it while shooting. But I am there to get a job done. But most realize that and wait till I am in between classes..... As far as a wedding ,no way It seems and I don't know why... but they are very protective of there knowlegde. They seem to protect it like the second comming of Christ, but hey thats ok they are doing there job, And when the Bride hired them nothing was probobley said about tutorials. I was at a wedding once and the guy actually had black tape tapped over all the Brand names of his equiptment!!! Now he was either paranoid or maybe worked for some government agency......... thats my 2 cents worth.
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I am always corteous to guests at weddings, and after getting my shot I will gladly give way so that they can get their shots. But once I had a guest yelling at me to get the f*** out of his way during the cake cutting. What a hypocrite! He's sitting at a table about ten feet behind me, and he thinks his shots have priority over mine? :lol: I ignored that troll and did not move out of my spot until the cake cutting was done. Hey, the client paid me to get my best shots of their wedding. I hardly think the newly weds would enjoy a picture taken 20 feet away, with crowds of people all around, and the couple only taking up 5% of the frame.

I actually enjoy when people start a conversation about photography, and are curious about the equipment I use. Some are surprized I still shoot film, others say they don't like digital. I even encountered a fellow once who had the same D100 I use, and he asked for tips on getting better shots than he was getting that day.
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Old Mar 7, 2004, 12:09 AM   #5
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Thanks for the feedback. I certainly didn't want to get in their way, and having read stories here I did my best to make sure others stayed out of their way.

It was odd, and quite encouraging that I was able to work out exactly what kit the younger photographer was using, without having seen any of it before, just by having read recommendations and reviews here and knew what they were trying to do at any given moment during the day...

The power went out right out the end so the younger photographer took some long-time exposures of the couple, the first shot went fine, but the mother-of-the-bride decided to snap off a shot halfway through the second shot, consumer/built-in flash and all..
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The last wedding I was at the photographer was more than happy to talk shop as long as I moved with him and didn't hold him up or get in his way. Of course I didn't take up too much of his time and didn't interfere while he was shooting.

He was all digital and had multiple cameras.
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Interesting topic! The last wedding I was at was for my sisters best friend. She had asked me to take some shots at the reception for which I said sure. I took my Canon 10D and popped the flash. I shot the whole reception in point and shoot mode. I later got a card frm the bride telling me that the shots I got were even better than those that they paid for. :arrow: Now to the question, I shoot on location and in the studio. I have never not taken the time to answer peoples questions about equipment etc. People who have an interest in photography, whether it's a hobby or a profession for them, are always curious about what is going on. On an intersting note, the photographer at the wedding was shooting with a Canon A2(film camera what I use for back up), and he never once approached me or asked anything about what I doing. To him I was just another guest (probably in the way, but hey, he wasn't getting the shots!) shooting pictures of friends. If a photographer can't take time to be polite and answer questions at some point, it's just plain arrogance on their part. Part of being a good buisnessman and photographer is knowing customer relations. That includes being able to communicate with people on every level. Good Luck! Bob
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My wife and I attended a couple of weddings last year and the same lady and her assistant took pictures at both weddings. They were pretty good at what they were doing, and they did not mind answering questions at all. The lady shot film and digital and she told me she actually preferred shooting digital (can't remember which camera she used). My wife thought she was terrific because the lady showed my wife and some of her friends how to stand so they looked 10lbs. lighter! The photographer could do no wrong after that.
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Heck, I'd be interested in how to stand like that!!

Thanks all, it's great to hear others experiences.
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