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Would you purchase the Fuji Finepix S2 pro over the Nikon D100? 1 50.00%
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Default Which pro-sumer digital SLR to choose?

I have investigated the three most popular pro-sumer SLR cameras available and I'm still confused & looking for suggestions. This is my problem:
I am an amature Nikon N90 user, with 4 good D type lenses and other various accessories including an SB25, SC 17etc and I have some studio lights. I have seriously looked at the Nikon D100. I have also looked at the Fuji S2, which will apparently take all of my Nikon accessories and, as I understand it, will use the SB25 TTL, which the D100 will not, but its a little pricier.
However, I really, really like the Canon D10 especially because it has the CMOS sensor. Downside of course I will need to start from scratch when it comes to lenses and accessories. BUT, from what I am told, one should not be changing lenses, esp on a CCD sensor, anyway, due to the attraction of dust and dirt etc.
In reviews, all of these cameras have different pros and cons, which makes it all that much more confusing.
I would love to hear more pros and cons from anyone who has used and/or compared any of these cameras. All suggestions are welcomed. Thanks.
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I have considered the same thing, but from a different starting point. The two choiced I considered were the D100 and 10D. I did not consider the S2 (but for no reason other than price.)

My old SLR has no lenses which I can move forward. I have no flashes or other accessories which are camera specific. So I have absolutely *NO* investment which would lean me towards one choice or the other.

You have not mentioned what/how you like to shoot. My needs might have nothing to do with yours, so my advice could be completey useless to you. I'll tell you my reasoning and choices, because you asked.... but don't just take them and run. I should not be making this choice for you, only giving you some food for thought.

This is how I thought about it:

My main subjects will be birds and wildlife. Therefor I need longer lenses. I will use it mostly while hiking. I could bring a monopod, but I do not want to bring a tripod (weight & size); this meant having VR or IS lenses.

I compared the 100-400 of both Nikon and Canon. The Canon won by virtue of its much faster focus and slightly cheaper price. I heard that the Nikon lens is too slow to use with focus tracking.

Then I looked at the 300, 400, 500 & 600mm lenses. Canons were all cheaper. I have heard people on both sides say that their lenses were "the best XXXmm lens there is." I have yet to see some head-to-head comparisons between the brands. (I have heard that Popular Photography does scientific tests on lenses, comparing how light goes though the lens. I have not looked into this.) There are very good photographers who use both brands, so I doubt that the difference between the brands is that great (especially for someone of my skill level!) For me, having IS to make that less-than-steady monopod I'd be using produce good shots is valueable... so Canon won again.

I might want to do some macro work (if I see something interesting while hiking.) I have researched this some, but not as much as with the long lenses. But to do really good macro work, you usually need a Tripod, which I won't have most of the time. From what I've seen, Nikon has better and more Macro/Micro lenses. So Nikon wins.

This is a nit, but the D100 has a true spot meter. The 10D doesn't. My old manual focus camera has a spot meter (and nothing else!) so I learned how to use it. I don't really understand why the 10D doesn't have one, but I'm not a Canon engineer. So Nikon wins here.

I've heard people really complain about how bad the Canon software is and how good the Nikon software is (for raw conversion, for downloading....) I've also hear people gush over the Canon software (but never how bad Nikon's software is, except when a bug is involved.) I assume the Canon software has improved since the detractors saw it. I consider this a wash.

I've heard good things about the d-ttl flash system on the D100. When mated with compatable flashes it seems to work very well. I've heard mixed things about the e-ttl system on the 10D. It does work, but it doesn't seem to be as easy/smooth/good/whatever-adjective. I don't know how much this will matter to me, though. Nikon wins here.

So I boiled it down to the glass and cost. Canon has what I need for less. Nikon could catch up, but I don't see them droping their prices while adding VR throughout the lens lineup. Maybe Canon's next camera will have a real spot meter? Either way, lenses have a long life, but a body is much easier to replace. So I have put a 10D on reserve and will buy it and the 100-400L when it comes in. And then hide when the bill comes in ($3,000+)

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