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I have heard that the Canon A75 has trouble focusing in low light conditions. Has anyone had any experience with this? I am planning to buy this camera to take photos at a music festival (bands will be performing indoors -- lighting on stage but not in audience). Would this camera be a bad choice for this situation? If so, can anyone recommend an alternative?

Much appreciated!


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I had a Canon A75 on home trial for a few days earlier this year when upgrading digicams.

I found the low light focus a real pain after my previous camerawhich was a Sony with that powerful AF Assist Lamp (itself is disliked by some).

I found in normally lit domestic rooms at nightthe A75would be slow..... or even hunt for a focus and then give up. It was worse on low contrast subjects like dog hair or carpets. In those circumstances its 9-point autofocus would pick the nearest good contrast area rather than the subject you actually wanted.

It wasn't the reason I didn't keep the camera** but I did comment here that I would be using manual focus quite a lot with it. Thankfully the manual focus is only two clicks away on a button and is easy to use.

Of course an AF Assist lamp will, I guess,not have the range you need for concerts so you need a camera that is known to be very good at low light focus without AF Assist..... or start out with the understanding that you need to focus manually anyway.

We used the A75 for a "once in a lifetime" set of shots while it was with us and we used manual focus fot them allto be 100% sure of getting the images perfect.

**Main reason for returning ours was unacceptable purple fringing in many of the circumstances we took photographs. Anything against the sky when at max aperture and wide angle risked pretty poor images. This may not be an issue for you.

Hope that helps,


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Thanks David.

After continuing to read reviews, I decided to go with the Pentax Optio 30 (I'm a newbie and was afraid that the A75 might be too complicated for me). I tried it out in low light last night and it focused well on autofocus (did not try manual yet). The images came out clearly, too. I feel that as long as I am within 10-12 feet of the stage, I should be able to get some clear shots.

Thanks for the input!


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Most consumer digicams use the same method of focusing, contrast detection, which needs a certain amount of light to work:


The focus assist beam lights up the subject so the camera can see the difference between light and dark so it can tell the difference in contrast, but AF assist is only good for 5-15 feet (depending on implimentation).
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