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Default Processors inside digital cameras

Hi - I'm trying to find out more about who makes the image processor chips within the camera, and I was wondering if anybody could offer some insight into who the Top vendors are? (I found a bunch of manufacturers on the web like Zoran, TI, NuCore, and Atmel, but not all of them give a sense of how widely used their chips are so I can't tell who the "leaders" are.) (To clarify some more, I'm interested in multi-megapixel image processing chips which perform functions like the color interpolation, white balance, YCrCB conversion, image compression, etc.). Thanks in advance! Andy
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I believe the major manfacturers like Canon and Nikon use custom propritary processors. For instance the Canon line uses a propritary Canon designed chip called "Digic".
I would suspect the others like Olympus, Sony, etc. do the same.

It is the custom chips that give the cameras their individuality.
If off the shelf components were used they would all work the same cookie cutter way. I have a feeling that only the non-big name manfacturers would use off the shelf components available to anyone.
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You might want to check the Sony global sites, or do a search on this forum since they make a lot of CCDs for cameras as well as their supporting ICs that I've posted before... but Philips is another biggy as well, and they already had solutions for several previous HP digicams.
Philips Semiconductors has teamed with Pentax, a worldwide leader in photographic equipment, to produce an advanced DSP (digital signal processor) that drives processing for its new 6 Mpixel digital SLR (single-lens reflex) camera. The camera combines Pentax lenses and body with Philips Semiconductors' complete digital still camera chipset, including the jointly-developed advanced DSP device, for the professional photography market.
... some older application notes: http://www.semiconductors.philips.co.../AN00061_1.pdf

Also LSI logic made the custom MIPS image processor for the Minolta Dimage's...

... And here's some Image Processors from the ARM camp! Basically it runs the gamut from processors, FPGA to custom ASICs for cost control depending on each designing team!
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