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I was researching to buy some equiment. Profeel has gotten excellent ratings from buyers from what I could find. Even members of this forum praised them for honesty and service. So I was quite surprised to accidentally found they have two sites: profeel.com and profeelvideo.com. The two websiteshave very similar look and feel, even the same 800 phone number. But the prices are completely different on the same product; profeel.com for example, charges $200 more on the 20D with 17-85 lens than profeelvideo.com.

So, what is going on? Which one is the real profeel? Which one earned the high buyer ratings? Can I trust this dealer?
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Having the varying price doesn't inherently make them dishonest.
Companies charge what they think they can get away with. Since fewer people on the video site will want the camera equpiment, they price it lower hoping to snag a sale or two.

Not the nicest way of working for the customer, but it doesn't inherently make them evil. But I'm with you, I don't like it.

I've never used them, so I can't say either way about them.

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I have no first hand experience with this seller, but here is a link to their rating on resellerratings.com Doesnt look to bad.


I try to stick with stores that I have used before and I know are reputable. B&H photo video is one that has a steller reputation and Im lucky enough to work a few blocks away. They are located in manhattan west side. Their mail order prices are pretty good too, so combined with their service, I stick with them.

Im not sure if you guys have been following the priceritephoto online scam saga on the net the past week or so. This hit all the major sites like digg, slashdot and fark. pretty interesting stuff on a buyer getting hard sold stuff, the dealer cancelling the order when he didnt buy the extras and then charging his card a surcharge because he left a negative rating on reseller. Interesting read. its a feelgood story as the geeks eventually took down the guys site*


there are many stores like this that operate out of NY. You often see these ads in the back of camera mags that show prices 30 percent below anything youve seen form a good dealer.

*this poster does not condone this type of illeagal activity. teehee
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Interesting, I hadn't heard about that story. Charging you extra for things that are supposed to come with the camera is a classic scam. I wish there was a good way for NY to go after these stores. They clearly hurt the reputation of the city, along with being illegal (some times. I don't know if unbundling the package is illegal or not, but some things they do are illegal.)

Reminds me of the ebay scammer that was caught basically due to the help the guy got over the internet. (Several local and federal enforcement groups didn't help because it wasn't enough money to interest them. Turns out when they finally did find someone willing to go after them they were caught bulk-producing fake casher's checks and mailing them which is a federal offence. They found them with over $30K of them. So it *was* actually "worth their while.")

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