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I was really only pointing out the prices because I dislike misinformation. Someone else might come along and read the original post and not realized that the info was very out-of-date. I'm an engineer, so I try to be precise (and say when I am not sure.) I didn't expect him to leap out and get a D1h.

If you already have a Nikon 35mm, then the obvious choice is to get the D100. The D100 and 10D (but not the DRebel) are basically equivalent. The common advice here (and I agree with it) is that you should go with the camera you already have stuff for. The cost of switching systems isn't worth the minimal benefit you might realize.

The DRebel is crippled in ways that are find for some people, and bad for others. I would search around here a bit and read about it (Steve's review should tell you them too.) Personally, I'm glad I got the 10D because it only bearly does what I want. The DRebel, with its smaller buffer, fewer frames per second and limited metering modes would have driven me nuts.

Considering your subjects, I wouldn't go with the 5700 or G5. They are not bad cameras for normal use, but neither are known for their low shutter lag (I believe) and that can be required for kid shots. Also, Tiff mode will be way to slow for kid shots on the 5700... don't know enough about the G5 to say.

Both would be good enough for landscapes, I bet. I've heard comments about noise issues with the G5, but I don't know anything about it first hand.

Does size and/or weight matter? The non DSLRs will be smaller and lighter than the SLRs. For some people, that is a serious matter.

All the cameras here have a flash hot-shoe, so that isn't an issue.

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Thanks Eric, You have really helped me in my choices. I have always liked the solid feel of my Nikon and have never had a complaint. I am looking into the D100 with high expectations. The only lens that I have at the moment is the 28-80 lens that came with the N75 camera.
At the time I thought it was the greatest, until I purchased the 2mp Kodak cx4230. I got it at Walmart for $100 and a 128mg card for $50.
That purchase changed my life forever. I have shot over 4000 pictures with it and have had more fun with digital than I thought I was having when I used to develop B&W at home. I have alot to learn about digital photography, but am having a wonderful time doing it and with people like you to help I am looking forward to having a rewarding future in the digital world. Thanks again.
John Adams
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Originally Posted by johnny9
Thanks Dennis, that is what I am looking for. My price range is around 1k to 2k at the tops. Just read an article on the Canon d30, but have not priced it as of yet. The article said that 6-megapixels can produce 35mm quality at 11x17 with this camera. Just cashed in my 401k and need to buy something for myself and my new hobby.
Like you I read the reviews on the D30. I got a good deal on one last week. The previous owner upgraded to the D10 and I got his D30. When i got the camera body it looked brand new. He took excellent care of it. I am very impressed with the images I have been getting. Can't wait until Spring gets here so I can go out and get some good pics with it.
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glad I could help. There are many people here who have the D100 and like it a lot. I bet you will too.

Aviator 327
The D30 is a fine camera, have lots of fun.

And do both of you... post some pictures for us all!

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