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Default professionalism

i'm just wondering if anyone here might be able to help

i've started taking photos for a dragon boating club

and i covered a competition for them and gave them about 80 photos on a CD

they are interested in doing some training with me...they can analyse technique etc in the photos

i told them i would be able to go to training sessions and take my laptop so they can see the photos instantly. and they have mentioned money

and being totally new how much do you think i should say

thanks anyone
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Dragon-boating on the Mersey or the Dee? Either way it's scary prospect, unless they've cleaned them up considerably in the 7 years I've been away!

As to your question, not a clue! But it would be awesome to make money for taking pictures! Sigh... if only. For most of us it remains a (very expensive) hobby!
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I'm surprised they wouldn't want video instead of still pictures. I'd have thought that would be a much better way to analyse their technique.

Either way, I'd check out what other photographers charge in the area. There was some discussion on dpreview about what new photographers should charge. There was a reasonable argument made that you shouldn't charge too low. The problem is that if you undercut the others in the area you would have several effects.

1) You make their prices look bad. Ya, they have more experience than you (probably) and produce better work (probably) but others don't know that. If the boat team starts talking about how they are getting service X at price Y (which is very low) then others will expect to get the same price when they look into it. It hurts the business all around. So you can under cut them a bit (because you are new at this) but don't charge 1/2 their price.

2) You'll probably want to raise your price when you get better at it. This will alienate your current customer base. Not something you want to do. If you really want to turn this into a side business, you want them extoling your virtues to one and all.

3) ... I don't remember the others. :lol:

Another thing to watch out for is who has the rights to the pictures. If you can clearly make out any of the people, techincally (in the US) you need a signed piece of paper with them. Someone who knows more should *please* speak up here. Especially if you know more about UK law (which I know nothing.)

I have a friend here who does Dragon Boat racing in Boston. They do races one a year on the Charles River. She actually did quite well last time. It's a great time.
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it's actually been the first time someone has ever photographed them, so they were pretty impressed with some of my shots

i put a few of them online


they arent the best composed photos etc but the coach was impressed with the quality and is going to use a few for training

i was thinking if they want to continue doing the photos

15 for maybe 40 photos on a CD and us of my laptop for their training sessions, so thats about 37 pence per photograph

its not actually on the mersey (now that would be scary) its at a place called queens dock watersports centre. its next to the albert dock, and it seems to be pretty clean, they do sailing,kayaking, dragon boating, rowing and water polo i think from what i saw set up

thanks alot guys!
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