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Default Purchase Advice

Hello, It's time for me to get a new camera, after sending my trusty Kodak DX3900 on to the future father-in-law, as a christmas gift from his wife.

I decided it was time to move up, and that was a perfect way, to see that my old camera still got the use that it was capable of.

I want to move up obviously to 4+MP. But for me, I take a lot of shots at the coast that would benefit from wideangle, and a longer zoom. So I have been looking at the 7-8+ Zoom range.

I have set my sights currently on the Kodak DX6490. I appreciate
that it comes with the dock, and factor that into cost. I can get on from Dell :P for around $450 shipped (could probably find a tad cheaper using pricegrabber somewhere). It is 4+ with 10x zoom.
But the fact that Kodak will not make extra lens for this model, and that I have read negative comments on the compression, makes me shy away from an immediate purchase.

So... IFor those that skip to the bottom, I need recommendations 4+MP and 8+ zoom preferred, and a price not much over the $450 I have been thinking about spending.

Thanks for reading my long winded post.
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You might look into the Olympus c-750 zoom. It has a 10x zoom lens and 4 megapix. Steve has reviewed it. Check his review.
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You might want to wait until after Feb PMA show. There will be a large number of new cameras introduced. I have the Nikon 5700, 5mp, 8X optical zoom. You can buy an adapter which will provide you with options for filters, different lens, etc. The 5700 was introduced in May 2002 but it is a great camera. You will have a learning curve to use this camera.
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I own a Olympus C-750 and the camera is pretty awsome, specially when it comes to "quality/money" subject.
The 10x zoom makes some miracles and as a matter of fact its kinda handy when you want to be as far as you can and shoot as close as you may.
Specially for animals, I think it's great. I own 2 dogs and a cat and I love to take photos of them, and I think this machine does the job. Of course, when you're shooting at 10x zoom the shoot must be calm, because anything makes the picture look fuzzy. But is not a major problem, you get a hand after a few days.
Another feature is the supermacro that focous at 3cm (min) which is pretty cool.
If you want to look at some C-750 picts, just click above to see them:
http://deiota.instantlogic.com (my photos hosting page)

I hope this helps!

PS- If you have ay doubt, please contact me to [email protected] or add me to MSN messenger with this .Net Passport.
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