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gibsonpd3620 Nov 19, 2002 10:50 AM

Based on some articles on this site, I would wait until Olympus and Kodak release their DSLR cameras before I would look for one.

sjms Nov 20, 2002 8:04 PM

well as far as the Dslr issues of the past such as magnification factor. the clock has run out on that one. the new crop of Dslrs are full frame type slr cameras

now if your going to invest in a digital camera either style that is just remenber that they're not like a good slr. the product value lasts as long as the next generation improves on the previous.

what is your tolerance for price?

how high a resolution do you want? reproduction quality?

do you want to use perspective correction lenses (Swings & Tilts)?

a D7 series type camera as mentioned above is a good camera it has currently the best built in wide angle lens available. it having the lowest values for angular distortion of the digicam lot. it may require some massaging of the image per your taste but offers probabley the most versitile digicam on the market as of the moment

the*discerning*eye Nov 20, 2002 11:49 PM

Is there a DSLR with swings and tilts? Dare I ask the price?

There is some price sensitivity, but I can go up to $2K. I am pursuing a business opportunity out of this. I weigh buying something now, like the Nikon D100 (which I plan to rent for the weekend) or just wait a bit longer to watch the technology improve with lower prices. At some point, however, one has to step into the ring.

You mentioned (as others have) the D7 due to its 28mm wide angle. I have a 28-200 lense already for a non-digital Nikon. Wouldn't this be the same if I put it on the D100?

thanks for your comments and thoughts. :shock:

BillDrew Nov 21, 2002 7:48 AM


Is there a DSLR with swings and tilts? Dare I ask the price?
There are shift lenses for SLRs, but I don't know of any with swings and tilts. Kinda a shame since with digital, you don't really need the shifts and lifts for perspective control, but the swings and tilts would be nice for focus at times. Of course you can get that with a digital back from or for something like $10k plus camera plus lenses plus ....

If you really need resolution, those are the ones to go for - some can shoot 350MPixel images.

sjms Nov 21, 2002 8:56 AM

your right. i incorrectly over stated on the swing and tilt. there was one it is gone now and it wasn't cheap. it is perspective control. the reliance of doing perspective control in PS rather than optically doesnt do it for me. its almost like taking a flat sheet of paper and pushing and pulling on. it it sometimes seems a little aritficial. but then thats just opinion. i really sort dispise the term-we'll fix it in the mix

the d100 has a smaller sensor so you have a magnification factor of 1.5. any lens you put on there woulld have cropped images since the sensor will see the central portion of the lens. your 28-200 will be the equivelent to a roughly a 42-300 better for sports not for interior work. its the same as puting a sheet of film about 2x3 into your 4x5. now a d100 image.

again if your going to the d100 and slap a 24mm on it your going to find a cropped 24 image equivalent at 36mm. you then have to invest in wider angle lenses to compensate. you have to buy a 16mm to get a 24mm. isn't this fun?

the new dcs 14n about $4750 now which by march 03 should be about $4400-4500 for the body will allow full use of your lenses at the designed focal values. shooting with a 20-35mm will be a pleasure again. renting a perspective lens and using it will be more natural. there are other advantages to this camera. 13+MP cmos sensor instead of a ccd. ERI-JPG allows for 2 stop corrections either way in post production. almost like working a print in a darkroom. again this is just opinion.

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