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Default Putting a filter on a quality lens ?

I just bought a Pentax DA 70mm F 2.4 (Silver) Limited lens, about a week or so ago.

Those of you who know Pentax lenses , know this a fine portrait lens.

I have a 49mm B+W filter I would like to put on this lens, to protect it. B+W of course are very good filters.

Question :

The age old question...to do or not to do ....should I put a filter...clear or UV....on a lens ?

I have about 9 modern Pentax lenses and on every one of them...except my Pentax 10-17mm Fisheye...I have put a top quality filter on the lens. So far...I have noticed no difference in photo quality...with and without...filter.

The 10-17 of course...because of the design and the protruding front glass of the lens...makes it impossible to put a filter on this lens. But so far...almost 3 years later...I notice (touch wood) no scratches on the Fisheye.

So whaddya think ? Should, if I can, put a filter on my new DA 70 Ltd. ?

Thank you for your input.


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If you're going to use a filter, make it a multicoated filter. That kind of filter will have the least chance of degrading image quality.
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IMO, a good quality filter isn't going to cause problems with IQ except under special lighting conditions. Being in front of the lens objective, and flat, makes it more prone to flare, and washing out from off-angle light sources.
If you feel anxious about your lens without a filter, you will have that much less concentration for your picture taking. Go for what feels best for you.

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Les, while I agree with Tom and Brian, I have to add that, in 40+ years of slr use, I have never used a filter for protection, and never regretted it. That has been my experience. Your life/shooting style may put your lens at more risk than mine, so that may be a consideration. All that aside, using a quality filter never hurts.
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When I did a lot of location shooting, never had anything hit the glass of my lenses thanks in part to good quality UV filters, but the number of times that the lens took an impact and was protected by a sturdy mounted metal lens hood...
Using a filter does mean one can clean the filter glass with a wee less care than the front element of the lens.
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I don't always use a filter on my lenses, but if the conditions are very dusty, salty, or wet I will put it on just to make it easier to clean up afterwards. I did destroy a filter while photographing the geysers and mud pots, etc in Yellowstone. The acids coming out of the ground are very bad for a lens!!
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+1 to what others said. If you're going to have a chance of something getting on the lens, especially something corrosive like hot springs splashes (yikes Mugmar hope ya' didn't get any on ya!) or salt water spray the filter is a good barrier.
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