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Ok for picture quality,i have different quality modes.

7M F

7M N




Ok i understand what they are/mean except for the first 2 modes.

whats the difference between 7M F and 7M N and what does the F and the N mean/stand for.

I read threw my manual 4 times and i can,t seem to see where it tells you what the F and/or the N stands for or means.

camera is a FujiFilm s700,but assume other cameras may have this too.
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I think the "7M F" means 7 Megapixel-Fine, whereas "7M N" means 7 Megapixel-Normal.

The S700 creates JPEG image files, which are always compressed to some degree. The more an image is compressed, the more detail is lost in order to reduce the file size. On page 164 of the Owners Manual, it shows that the file size for a "7M F" image would be 3.5MB while the file size for a "7M N" image would be 1.8MB. This tells me that a "7M N" image is more compressed than a "7M F" image, and so has a lower level of detail.

Try it. Take two photos of the same subject, each at a different quality setting, print them out at 8x10, and take a close look. If you see a difference, keep it in mind for when you might need it. If not, use the lower setting and save yourself some space on your memory card.
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thank you so much for clearing that up for me.

i,ve been pondering over that since i first turned this camer on,right up till i just read your reply,lol,thank god someone answered that for me.

i always keep mine at 7M F so will be keeping it there so not to loose any quality. i,m a poor photographer to begin with, so i best keep the quality as best as it can be kept,lol.
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Always keep the settings on the highest...You never know when you will get the special shot that you would want a print from...Keeping it 7MF will make sure you have the full mega pixel setting for the print...You bought the camera because it was a 7megapixel
camera, right....If you want to send a shot via email, you can always resize in a photo editing program...I have never understood why the camera makers even put the lower settings on the cameras...Its a waste to me...Media cards are cheap these days...:?
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