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RS4 Jul 23, 2007 11:22 AM

I have read that the nikon D40x has three focusing points and that the canon 400d has nine focusing points.

Do all the focusing points work all at once or do you just select one each time?

Won`t the canon have much much sharper and more in-focus pictures than the nikon? 9 focus points VS. 3 focus points.

Please help me understand this. Its all new to me.


Bob Nichol Jul 23, 2007 6:47 PM

The camera only uses one focus sensor at a time, usually the center one. The other focus sensors are only there in case you want to focus on something that isn't at the center of the frame.

The live sensor can be chosen automatically by the camera or manually by the photographer. Automatic selection will be according to one of the rules you have selected such as closest subject or ignore closest subject (shooting a subject behind a fence).

An example: You are shooting a humming bird at a feeder but have problems getting a focus lock on the bird because it moves away too quickly. Manually select a side sensor and get focus lock on the feeder then shoot when the bird is close to the focus point on the feeder you have chosen.

The Canon 400D will have more chances of selecting an off center focal point than the Nikon D40x. The number of focus points will have nothing to do with focus accuracy.

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