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I'm looking to buy a camera in the $200 price range, and am heavily leaning towards the purchase of the Canon Powershot a510. I wanted to gather some additional feedback before making a final decision.

I've read some criticism of shutter lag and wanted to see what the experiences of other owners/users of the camera have been regarding this? Is it something that really detracts from the camera and its picture-taking capabilities?

I don't have extensive experience with photography, but from what I've read shutter lag is mainly a significant issue if photographing moving objects. If so, do slight movements create problems for this camera, or is it mainly if you're trying to photograph active events (i.e., someone running or a moving car).

Any input is greatly appreciated. I've read a number of good things about this camera, but just wanted to clear up how significant the "cons" of the camera were.


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Any consumer level camera you buy is going to have some shutter lag, but each generation gets just a little better about it than the last. The A510 is one of the lowest priced consumer models but the shutter lag is not THAT bad.

Sure, if you have a room full of 2 year old kids running around then it's going to be hard to catch them (it would on a $500 camera too) but with the A510 you can increase the shutter speed which helps make up for any lag to a degree. It's not a perfect camera regarding speed, but it's probably the best you're going to get for $200.00


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