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was wondering how and what settings do i need to capture the car like that with the wheels in a blur. what shutter and aperture and anything else that needs to be adjested, many thanks.
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If they still do some things the old-fashioned way in advertising, the photographer could have usd a slow shutter speed, like 1/60, and either panned with the car so that the background and wheels had a motion blur or shot from a moving vehicle on a smooth road.

I doubt whether either of these is the case, though. I bet that the whole thing was assembled in a computer. The car was probably sitting on a lot and the background and wheel blur were post processed.

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Another way to shoot photo's like this is to use a custom mount ,like a tripod, but sprecially designed to be mounted sideways on a car, and take and trigger the camera remotely.

Later in post processing you remove the mount.

easier way:

The photographer sits in the back of another car driving in front of it.

To shoot photo's like these:

(i use a D-SLR with fast lenses, which makes it simpler)

- Switch the camera to manual focus, Image Stabilisation off

- set your camera in Shutter priority and choose a shutter between 1/60 and 1/200, depending on 2 things: the speed of the car, and it's distance from you.

- Focus the camera on a spot on the road where you want to take the photo. (or use continuous AF if it's fast enough)

- When the car comes, follow the car with your camera. pick a point on the car, like the rear view mirror, and keep it on the same place in the photo. It helps to rotate your upper body completely, instead of your head with the camera, this way you keep camerashake to a minimum.

- when the car hits the spot you prefocussed, hit the shutter, but keep following the car! Shutterlag should be low, it doesnt have to focus, bu maybe you need to compensate a bit for it. And that is just trial and error.

- Review your picture, and adjust if needed.

In the beginning its quite difficult, but it get's easier with practise. If your camera is fast enough, try to take 2 or more photo's, by starting a little bit earlier.

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thanks for your help ill have a go ill try and post some results if they are worth it ! :-)
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