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Default Question for Group ~ Expected Maintenance for Digital Camera

I'm getting ready to purchase a G2 or G3 and was wondering if any annual maintenance should be expected for a digital camera. I figure that the digital cameras were mostly sealed since they don't have to be opened to replace the film.

Several internet sites offer extended warranties but local retailers offer a performance guarrantee which is supposed to go beyond the manufacturers warranty and also offers annual maintence. I'm talking about Best Buy and Ultimate Electronics. I've had really good experience with Ult Elec in the past when they replaced my phone no questions asked three times. Both offer authorized service locally in the SLC area.

Normally I'm totally against these service contracts but in this case I'm considering it since I've recently had two electronics items go out after 13 months and due to the high cost of fixing cameras (so I've been told).

Anyway, I'd appreciate any input on purchasing one of the extended (5yr) service contracts. Is anyone else considering one of these Performance Service Plans or is it more cost effective to risk it with just Canon's one year :?:

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You should clean the lcd with a 100 percent cotton cloth when dirty. Keep the camera dry and do not leave batteries in for an extended period time.
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Default Depends

In my experience you are usually better off just sticking with the factory warranty for several reasons.

1) If you use the camera a great deal and put it through stress tests it should break down fairly soon or at least within the first year that is already covered. The obvious problems or bad parts should fail with heavy use in the time you already have. Really use the camera hard for the first year. No abuse or anything, just don't baby it and stress all the options, flash, different settings, zoom, etc.

2) The additional warranties are expensive and technology becomes outdated fast, especially in this area. If you are a pro you will be getting the newest and best yearly anyways. If you are an avid shooter you may keep the camera for many years, so after 3-4 more years when prices keep dropping and tech keeps improving that warranty price could very well go a long way towards a new, better camera.

3) How good is the warranty? It really depends what sort of service you would receive, the time it takes for the repairs, the quality of the repairs, etc. It really stinks paying good money for a bad warranty.

It's all a matter of personal preference. If the peace of mind you get from knowing your camera has an additional 2-4 years of warranty coverage and you know the warranty will be honored and the repairs solid, then it is worth the money.

I just look at all the electronics, computers, cameras, etc., I have bought and imagined how much money it would have taken to cover all of them as well as how long good equipment lasts and it made my decision easy.
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Thanks for your opinions.

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