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tb3000 Apr 14, 2003 2:42 AM

question: how to take *good* video w/ a digital camera

For various reasons, I want to take a good quality video but can't use an actual digital camcorder to take them. I wanted to know how to get a good quality long video clip similar to DV quality (more than a very grainey small mpg) from a digital camera. Is it possible to :

1- connect a digital camera to another device via USB or FireWire and capture video to that device (e.g. a computer or VCR/camcorder in record mode but taking input from whatever I'm looking at via the digital camcorder)

2- are there cameras now with excellent quality video capture capabilities? Can you zoom in and out during the recording? Is it a serious drain on the battery? Can you do more than 30 seconds?

Please help


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