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Default Question on Nikon Capture 3.5

I download my pics off my camera into nikon capture 3.5 where I do minor changes to white balance and EV. Question, after I make the changes do I have to save in Capture first or can I send the corrected pic directly to Photoshop 7. And... if I have to save first, in what format do I save it in? It gives me options of Tiff RGB, Tiff CMYK, NEF, and jpegs.
Thanks again for all the incredible help here
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I haven't used Capture, but that won't stop me from using what I've learned/read to try to answer.

I would bet you want TIFF RGB. With all the color space issues I've read, I don't think you want to touch TIFF CMYK. Someone with more knowledge, PLEASE correct me. I hate misleading when trying to help.

Don't do NEF unless you think the photoshop NEF converter does a better job than Capture does. You'd have to test it. Also consider that you might have more flexability when converting from NEF to <whatever> from within Capture.

Don't use jpegs, because then you'll have downsampled your color space to 8-bit before doing photoshop editing. You want to do as much processing with as many colors as possible. Its slower, but the quality will be better.
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