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Default question of size of ccd

this is a digicam lover from china, i have a question about the size of ccd bothering me for long time ago, can anybody help me?
as we know, the image quality of a photo largely depends on the size of ccd of a digicams, but there are still diferences even with the same size of ccd, for example, the fujifilm s602 has a ccd size for 1/1.7 inch with only 3 meg., while the olympus c5050 owns 1/1.8 inch ccd with up to 5 meg. the larger ccd, the more pixels. s602 has a larger ccd than the c5050, however, smaller image size, what is the reason?
that is just one example, but many exist in the realm of digicams.
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Size of the CCD doesn't matter nearly as much as the size of the photosites (sp?). They are the individual sensors that measure the light in the different wavelengths (they make up the CCD.)

I've read lots about people preaching what sizes are good and what is too small. Most of it has to do with noise levels. I don't remember what they were, only that it matters. And that it isn't used for marketing... 3MP vs. 5MP works better but isn't always as meaningful.

Then we have the problem that larger CCDs have. Photosites require light to be closer to the perpendicular of the recording surface than film does. Canon had problems with the D1s because the light hit the edges of the large sensor at such a low angle that it couldn't be read correctly. They had to put lenses over the CCD to bend the light back towards the CCD, making it hit the CCD at a steeper angle. To the user a larger CCD is nice (on a replaceable lens camera, any ways) but to a camera engineer they introduce another level of headaches.

Also, in what you list above, the S602 has a smaller CCD size and a smaller picture (3MP) while the c5050 has a larger CCD and larger picture (5MP.) So you had you example backwards. But that doesn't matter nearly as much as how *good* the pictures are.
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