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Default Questions about different cameras.

I've been looking around for different reviews, and camera's at different websites. Right now i have 2 Sony's that im very fimaliar with. I'm not a Sony freak, but i do like what they make.
I'm having a hard time trying to find a new camera. I'm looking for a nice SLR that is in the up to $700 dollar range. Something that takes a nice picture, Can add some nice filters, lens's. A nice close up and also long distance camera. I know more about "small" point and shoot camera's. I dont know much about SLR's so thats why I come to you guys, I figure that you guys would know a lot about this .
Help would be much appericated. I'm interested in photography and also I have a newborn, and my fiancee is a Web Page Designer. So nice quality pictures are very very important to us. Please help me out.

I have developed a list, from what I've researched. Is this a compatible list? Are these good camera's? Are their any better for the money? If not which one would be the best for the buck?

Sony DSC F717
Nikon Coolpix 5700
Olympus E20
Fuji FinePix S7000
Minolta Dimage A1
Minolta Dimage 7HI

So tought making a decision so I come to you guys

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None of the cameras you have listed are SLRs, and none take "lenses" (other than a few wide angle and telephoto adapters).

The least expensive digital SLRs available today are the Canon 300D, which is $899 body only, or $999 with a starter lens, and the Nikon D70, which is $999 body only or $1299 with a good quality starter lens.

Now, on to the cameras you have listed. They are all fixed-lens digital cameras, meaning you are "stuck" with the focal length of the lens that is permanantly attached. Some do take adapters to give you some extra wide angle, and some extra telephoto, but none are actual SLRs.

The Sony 717 is a great camera, and a good choice at the price that it sells for today ($450-500). The Minolta Dimage A1 replaced the 7Hi, so I wouldn't even bother with the 7Hi. I'm not a fan of Fuji's, so I don't know a lot about the 7000. The Olympus E20 is positively ancient by today's standards--it was released almost 3 years ago, and I don't really know a lot about it.

Realize that none of the cameras on your list are current models--they have all since been replaced by newer ones. Of the ones on your list, my personal first choice would be the Minolta A1 because of it's great zoom range (28-200 in 35mm equiv.) and it's mechanical zoom. Second choice would be the Sony 717.
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I researched the Sony F717 and the Nikon 5700. I really like the Sony F717 and that's why I decided to purchase it. The Nikon is good since it has the added 8x optical compared to Sony's 5x optical.

If you are looking for an DSLR, the lowest you can get is about 800 without the lens. THat's the entry level Canon 300D. Nikon has the new D70 which is about 1,100.

But if your looking for a high megapixel camera, I'd suggest either of the two.
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I had the same requirements as you. After months of research, I ended up with the Minolta A1 because I wasn't ready to take the jump to the SLR field yet. Moving into that range would include purchasing a larger memory card, additional lenses, etc.

The Minolta offers a good zoom capability, continous focus, auto-stablization, etc.

Now I'm just trying to find a place to buy it!
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