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Tiger123 Aug 7, 2004 12:01 PM


I went on a trip and want to create a photo book with my trip photos (ie. hard cover with glossy pages) online and print it. I see many websites offer it such as,,,, etc....

Has anyone purchased a hard cover photo book online? Any recommendations? Are there any companies I should avoid due to bad quality prints?

Similarly, these companies also offer soft cover photo books (also called snapbooks, flipbooks, etc)...same questions: anyone purchased these? recommendations? any bad companies to avoid?

Thanks in advance for any responses. :-)

DGA Aug 10, 2004 6:20 PM

I have used Apple's hard back book creation several times and each was an awesome quality book. And they are quite inexpensive to boot.

I am currently working on one that shows our house in various stages of remodeling, it gives you several templates and room for text so you can create a book on any subject.

I believe you need iPhoto to do it, so you need access to a Mac.

John Manzione
Digital Camera Arts

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RyanH Aug 13, 2004 12:09 AM

I have seen books by and the quality is really good. The people who purchased it were very happy.

harryed Sep 3, 2004 9:42 PM

I just received a hardcover 9x12 book and a 6x8 pocket book from Overall, I will say that I am satisfied with both products but not blown away. The creation software is easy to use, and since they were on sale the price was right. I got a thirty page hardcover book for about $35 dollars including shipping. The smaller pocketbook would have been $10 plus shipping, but I stumbled across a coupon code that made it free with no shipping charge.

I guess I expected photo quality printing, and that may be why I am not overly enthusiastic about the final product. Once I had created the book in the software it goes through an upload process that compressed the approximately 135mb of photos down to about 24mb total for uploading. I don't know what the process involves (resampling, resizing, compressing, whatever), but that is a significant change in file size. Flipping through the books the change in image quality is noticeable. I am more pleased with the quality of the images in the hardcover than I am with the pocket book. The website bills the pocket book as an alternative to getting 4x6 prints of your digital prints. That's stretching it a bit, I think.

In conclusion, I would purchase another hardcover book at their current sale prices, but I don't think I would spend almost double (their regular price) for one. The pocket books are cute and would make nice little keepsakes for children or maybe for grandma. The hardcover books are a nice way of preserving memories of specific events, but I wouldn't use either product to showcase photographs.

For anyone who is interested the code for a free 6x8 pocket book (including free shipping) is: FREEPB915

The 915 may imply that it expires on September 15[suP]th[/suP], but I'm not sure. I used it on August 31[suP]st[/suP].

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