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An External Flash Option...

I don't know how the Casio will handle it, but there is an external flash option for cameras that don't have a flash connector...they're called slave flashes. I personally use a Metz 34-CS2 Digital with my Olympus C-700. The flash has a guide number of 34 metres (110 feet) at 100ISO. The only negative about this flash (besides the price which may turn you off) is it runs on expensive, non-rechargeable lithium CR2 batteries. But otherwise I love the flash and that I can use it wirelessly (I've taken pictures with me at one side of the room, and the flash at the other side sitting on a tripod).

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I didn't read the entire thread but I have had my share of dark indoor pictures. What I do is turn off the flash if the subject distant and use "night mode". This requires using a tripod, putting the camera on a steady place or a very very steady hand. For closer range I still use night mode but use the flash. Night mode enables the background to show even with flash. But even when using flash a steady hand is required because your subject will look sharp but the background can still look blurry.

My camera is mostly automatic except for several preset modes and night mode leaves the shutter open longer after the flash fires. If the flash is off it is just a longer exposure that will work with most low light conditions provided your subject is not moving. Some times I also have to set the EV value higher.
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