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Default Raw vs. JPEG?

What is the difference between these 2 files? i've read that RAW is better quality, but why? Can I maniuplate RAW photos on Photoshop. I've got my hands on 5.0. Thanks for any replies. Everyone's help is much appreciated.
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raw is the original bit for bit information right off the imager. it is either full size or compressed with lossless type compression. it is the image in its purest form. it cannot be put out as a final image though so it must be converted to one of the many formats available today via a conversion program usually supplied by the camera manufacturer. there are 3rd pary programs that usually exceed the manufacturers programs in usability and conversion quality. a good converter will allow considerable adjustment to many parameters of the original RAW image. this then can be opened as a tiff, psd, jpg as needed. this gives you greater control over your image. RAW is LARGE

jpg is one of the formats the raw image is converted to after processing in camera or through a software processor. it is a lossy type compression format. so the possability of artifacts and quality loss is considerably higher. with jpg you can save space but there is a cost in quality.

version 7 supported adobe raw converter v1 as a add in cost $99 for the add in
version 8 has adobe raw converter 2.0 built in which is quite a bit better updat from version 6 or 7 $169 or less
version 5 does not support the adobe converters but you can convert using the original manufacturers converter or other ones that support your particular camera

there is more then a subtle difference between version 5 and 7 and 8 of photoshop. if it is possible to go to v8 it is strongly advised to do so with an excellent converter built in IF it supports your particular cameras raw format
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