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RAW can be a tool to use as has been shown in the previous replies......I would like to add that if you are a high volume shooter (such as myself) and you have enough memory card space shoot jpeg and RAW that way you can process the jpegs quaility and for the 5 to 10 out of every 1000 that you need RAW you've got it and you can use it for the tool that it is.

You can now get a 16GB CF card for around $100 and this week kmart has a 4GB SDHC card for $19 so prices of memory cards are getting really low. I carry 24GB of total memory for the just in case the world starts to burn down aroundme,and have a 60GB wolverine device for travels........ Also with CDs at 19cents each and DVDs for 50cents you've got no reason not to have enough storeage space for your high quality photos. I have even read about 32GB memory cards coming out this year. I am sure Jim C can provide a link to the 32GB memory cards for those who want one for shooting raw and jpeg for everyday shooting.

newegg.com is the place to get cheap and very good memory cards. I'd highly reccommend for the CF users to look at the 133x Transcend 16GB CF card. Its fast and its huge (thanks to Jim C for turning me onto this card).


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Just for the heck of it I picked up a copy of "Photoshop User" magazine. At $10 per issue I don't think I'll read this often, but their were so me good articles.

One thing that caught my eye and made me think of this thread was this statement in the quick tips section.
"In addition to RAW files, Adobe Photoshop CS3 can open JPEG and TIFF files in Camera Raw. Do you still need to shoot in RAW format for best results? Yes. If you have RAW capability in your camera, use it. There is an unbelievable deference in the results you get from correcting the same image using RAW files instead of JPEG."

Of course being written in a magazine doesn't make it gospel, the world is full of experts. But it seems many of those who write for photo mags are of this opinion. I know some will latch on to the word "correcting" and associate it with making mistakes while shooting. But show me a shooter who doesn't make corrections to some of his/her images and I'll show you a liar or a fool.

I know that some people just don't like to deal with post processing. They find it boring, tedious, to some intimidating and to others just too time consuming. But if your striving for the best possible image. Then it seems to me you should use every tool available to you to achieve that image. I would rather delete Raw files I don't need than JPG files I can't use.

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