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holliberri Aug 1, 2002 1:14 AM

RCA CDS6300 Flashing "7" Error Msg
I own an RCA CDS6300 that is now flashing the number 7 in the lower right corner of the LED panel. RCA customer service was no help and we can't seem to find our receipt, which of course, means we are out of luck unless we can figure it out or pay to have it fixed on our own.

Please help ~ Thanks!

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Gary Senkus Aug 1, 2002 2:17 AM

guessing that code is on power up. not much to try butbatteries, reformat memory card different memory card.As RCA is not a real player with only 4 models of digatal cameras would ask up front the cost of repair as most manufacters charge a set price. would first goto store of purchase and see store general manager and explain and ask for a duplicate reciept. cameras with the specks of the rca can be bought not much over $200, best to replace if repair is going to be over $100 with camera from manufacter that is a real player in the digital cam market.
Good Luck,

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