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Default Re: Epson Printer - Monitor Problem

In repsonse to my original post (which I cannot find) concerned the inability of my Epson printer to reproduce the colours that are seen onscreen...

Someone replied sayign that they had the same problem, well i think that I may have found out how to fix it...

Pretty Basic:

Using photoshop or something similar duplicate the image you want to print, increase the brightness by 5-10% depending on preference/image and the change the colour balance by reducing the amount of red in the image by roughly 30%. this will make your photos look far more true to life.

I also found that if you look in the advanced print options in the epson print dialouge (sp?) box click on the PhotoEnhance option then choose tone 'normal' and effect 'none', this greatly increaes the quality too. The Epson sharpening algorithm seems to be crap!

Hope this helps.

Anyone else have any ideas?
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The problem is always down to which is telling the truth? The camera image file, the monitor, or the printer? It's best to be absolutely confident before editing a few thousand pics!

To give an example, I've felt skin colour looks over saturated from my Fuji 602. Inkjet prints looked similar so I had two sets of photo prints made from different vendors.

Whilst this is not exactly Macbeth colorimetry testing, I now have prints from 2 sources using different printer technologies and a monitor all close, so I now feel confident applying some colour desat. in editing. If I suspected the printer, I'd try some of the sample image files that often ship with the printer CD first. VOX
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Thanks Chris

I have been messing about with the settings in 'Custom' and 'Advanced' in the Printer Menu without a lot of success.
If what you say is correct then I have to get the image looking a mess on the screen to get it right for the printer.
Not a very clinical solution but needs must.

Have fun, Tink.
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