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Default RE: xx

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If these people are advertising on Steve's site, I'd email Steve himself and his advertising department saying what you said here (and more if you can remember the profane language used) because I'm sure he wouldn't want them as an advertiser (although it's a balancing act between the money he gets from the advertiser and keeping his site's visitors happy, I'm sure he'd like to know about it; I know I would in his shoes):

Steve's email address (from his profile here):
[email protected]

Steve's Digicams Advertising Department email address:
[email protected]
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Default Re: RE: Bad SVC from Graphics Management L.A. California

I am the author of the eBook, not the fulfillment team, but I do get involved when problems arise. They're rare, and it can be frustrating if the thing I've laboriously prepared somehow doesn't get to a customer. For both of us.

Apparently, Verisign, a multi-billion dollar operation that is supposed to have all sorts of checks and balances in place--and who handles the credit card part of the transaction, screwed up some orders about December 3. This one may have been one of those. We didn't get the missing ones (you can't answer a question you never were asked) so if this is one of those, the delay is understandable.

Perhaps the writer can contact me directly to sort this out? I'm easy to get to: [email protected].


Originally Posted by cken
Do NOT order from Graphics Management which is a link on Steve's Digicams. I ordered Mastering Nikon™ Compact Digital Cameras by Peter iNova, back on Dec. 03, 2002. On Dec. 20th I had not recv'd my product nor had I heard anything from the company. I sent them a fax on the 20th of Dec. referencing the email confirming my order. I did not hear from them and so I called them late in the day, the guy I spoke with asked me if I could prove that I did not rec'v my order, (and he also told me in the same breath that his bank did not show where my credit card company had made pymnt to his bank) I asked him if he could prove that I did rec'v the product. He went on to use some profain language and told me "You people think we are mind readers and know what product went out to who and who recv'd what". I told him most companys send an email with a reference to a tracking number, etc.... Bottom line is , I had to have the charges reversed from my credit card company and order my product from another company. If you want to save yourself some hassle and headache, DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY GRAPHICS MANAGEMENT out of Los Angeles California.

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Default RE xx

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