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I use a lot of AA batteries in an underwater dive light. I also use them in the flash attachments for underwater cameras. I considered buying some rechargeable NiMH batteries. I'm concerned that because they only have 1.2 volts instead of 1.5 like the alkelines that I've been using, I'll have a problem with brightness with the underwater light. Brightness is very important but when you add up the 8 batteries, should I be concerned because of the voltage drop even with fully charged batteries? I recall years ago trying to use a bunch of rechargeable NiCad's instead of alkelines in something, but it didn't work. I checked into it and found out that you couldn't use the rechargeables because of the combined lower voltage. I think it was a portable CD player that used 4 AA batteries. It worked fine using alkelines.

Any opinions on using these in the underwater flashlight? Will I just have a dimmer underwater light that has rechargeables?


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It appearsyou are talking about two very different uses, flashlight andelectornic camera flash.

After using a Nikonos system for many years, I now use a simple o-ring sealed plastic u/w housing formy digital camera and rarely, now, take deep shots with an electronicflash. However, in my dry above-water flash I am using 4 NiMH (purchased in an 8-pack of 2300mah AAand a4 AAA cell bonus and charger from Sams Club ($19.95 early this summer if I remember correctly) and have been pleasantly surprised at how long they last and outpreform alkalines in the same unit. The NiMH cells were an outstanding buy for me.

As for the flashlight, the NiMH cellsshould do very well, although the light itself may be a bit yellower/dimmer (which may be fine for deeper diving, anyway, where about all you get are the blue hues).

On edit, is a 2 to 2.5 volts LESS rated bulb available for your 8-pencell u/w flashlight? If so, that would solve the possible dimming problem. Get the battery set for your flash, and if they also work fine in the flashlight ... well, you get the idea!

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