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Hi, i was reading a book on digital photography where it said using a ISO setting of between 100 and 200 is the best for bright out door shooting and to get the highest quality images.

i was wondering if anyone else would also recomend this or something else for shooting during the day in very good light/bright sunlight.

the camera i have a olympus c-8080wz, the iso settings range from 50 upto 400, when i have set the iso setting my self i had been choosing 80 to 100 but i had been leaving this on auto mostly.
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Generally you want to use the lowest iso possible in bright conditions. Sometimes, when shooting sports or wild life, it is helpful to use iso 100, 200 or higher to allow for faster shutter speeds to freeze motion of moving objects.
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Hi: I usually leave my C8080 on auto for normal picture situations, and change it to 200 whenconditions warrant. Do a some test shots and check the results of the same subject at different ISO. The camera does a pretty good job of selecting a good speed for the light.
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Steven R is right.
The answer you're looking for is very dependent on your settings.

You don't have a lot of zoom with that camera (28-140mm) so high shutter speed will really be required when doing action shots only.

So the generaly answer for ISO setting is what looks good to you. That will probably be between ISO50 and ISO200, the lower the better. If you find you need more shutter speed and you can't increase the aperture any more (use a lower f-stop) then you have no choice but to increase the ISO.

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I recently purchased a Panasonic DMC-FZ5 (recently enough so that I can still return it) with a 12x optical zoom. It's a 5.3 megapixel. However, the ISOmaximumis 200unless you use the flash, then it's 400. My concern is using the zoomat maximum in low light (e.g.,in West Coast rainforest) where the flash doesn't really have an effect. Does the ISO still function at 400 in that scenario?Is there a digital camerathat iscomparable (around 5.0 Megapixel withat least a 10x optical zoom) that has a high ISO capability?

Would appreciate any help I can get. Mykal

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