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Default Recommend Magazine

Hi everyone,
I hope I'm posting in the right place. Anyhow I was looking for a recommendation with regards to photography magazine's, as I would like to purchase a suscription to one. It seems that most magazine's cater to the pro photographer, which is understandable since it is most likely pro's who will buy magazines and not your typical point and shoot operator, but I'm wondering if there is a magazine that features lots of beautiful pictures with a blurb on how they shot the picture, lots of lessons or how too's geared towards the amature, and equipment tests also geared to the amature like entry to mid level dslr's and lenses.
I recently read a magazine that had a test on a Canon 800mm lense worth $12000 usd and I couldn't help but wonder who would buy this lens, certainly not the majority of the potography population. I find almost all magazine's, car, guitar,motorcycle's, always review the top end products which I find annoying since it is the majority who buy entry and mid-level products.Car magazines are espicially bad for this every month there is an article on a Ferrari, or Aston Martin, or Bentley when all I wan't to know about are Honda Accords, Toyota Corrola's ect... real cars for real people.
So in summation I'm looking for the best magazine to subscribe to for an amature photographer looking to improve with equipment tests that amature photographer's can afford.


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