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Hi, I

Hi, I'm trying to capture my tv with my Digi cam, it is the JVC Everio GZ-MG57.

The question is - how? I plugged the Av cable into the camera and front of the tv, but it states the ports are Video IN, I need out. So I've used an adapter to plug it into the scart socket at the back of the tv.

I can't find the video playback mode on my digicam anywhere, I doubt the option exists so what can I do to get it to work? I don't have my manual

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I've got my xbox in 1 scart slot, this is accessed with AV1

My digicam in the 2nd scart slot. If I go on AV2 thenthe tvsees what the camera sees.

I want the camera to see whats on the tv though
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You can't capture your TV with your digicam.

Even if your TV has a 'Monitor' port, that's video only (that is, no audio.)

You can connect your digicam and your TV to the same source.

If your source (Cable box, etc.)has multiple outputs, you can connect your TV to one and your digicam to the other, if your digicam has video in and audio in ports.
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use a vcr that has vid and aud output,

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"does the tv today allow an output I only thought an input

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"dvd vcr cable box coax will not work it may toss a signal that needs to seperate the audio
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kebabage wrote:
...Hi, I'm trying to capture my tv with my Digi cam, it is the JVC Everio GZ-MG57...
Your digicam has a modulator that converts your digital images to an analogue RGB video signal suitable for one of two possible TV broadcast standards. The TV displays an analogue signal of modulated wavy radio waves, like the wavy electrical signal that comes out of an LP recordplayer's pickup. The earliest sort of wind-up gramophones could do this acoustically without using electricity at all.

The shape of the waves contains the information. Digital is a string of numbers; analogue is like a needle on a meter waving around, in time with the picture or the sound.

To turna TV signal into an image for a digicam ordigital video file, the wavy TV signal will have to be turned into a series of numbers, i.e., digitised with an analogue to digital converter. A TV capture card will do this for your computer. The numbers describe the shape of the waves, millisecond by millisecond, and stored in a file. How often they are put into the file determines the quality.

The set-top box for digital television, or the digital-analogue converter in your camera does the opposite for your TV, taking a digital signal and making one the TV can understand. Cameras don't usually have the A-D converter to go the other way.
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