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tapollok Jun 2, 2004 10:46 AM

I searched but could not find an answer in archives. When shooting at the beach in bright sunlight with 990/995, white skin tones often have reddish or pinkish cast.

Additionally, pimples or scars are often exaggerated into brighter, more prominent red splotches.

Even the sand sometimes takes on a pixelated random reddish/pinkish cast.

Is this a camera issue? Camera settings? Dye-Sub printer settings?

Would a D100 or equal solve this problem?

Any info greatly appr'd


calr Jun 2, 2004 11:20 AM

Several factors could be at work here. The first that comes to mind is white balance. Make sure it is set for auto or for the lighting conditions you are working with (e.g. sunlight, cloudy, incandescent, flourescent, etc.) The second possibility is color saturation. Many cameras have a setting for color saturation although it might be called something else. Usually one of the choices for this setting is "Vivid Color". So far, I have found very little use for the vivid setting. Make sure this setting is set to normal. If there is a contrast setting, make sure it is set to normal. Note that these are all camera settings.

Your photo editing software can modify the effects of the camera settings to make the image worse or better. It is better to try to get the image close to what you want in the camera and then touch it up in the editor.

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