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myself and some friends have started a web page to host our pictures on. I am now ready to put some of my own images on, however I am finding making the size small enough and still retaining quality of the image quite a challenge.

I was wondering if anyone has a tried and tested method?

My images have been shot in RAW and I use Photoshop CS, any suggestions would be great.


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Download a free program called Irfanview. It has a batch process for reducing pictures to any size you desire.
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Take a look for the "Save for web" in PhotoShop.

Keep in mind that there are three kinds of size reduction for the web:
1) crop out everything that isn't needed
2) downsize to something like 600 pixels wide.
3) use a fairly heavy JPEG compression to reduce file size. Push the compression until you can see artifacts, and then back off a bit. You can push that further than you might think: no one else is likely to look at your photos as closely as you do.

Us folks with dial-up will thank you, and not just go away as soon as we see a big photo.

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Hopefully you will display thumbnail images with an option to click to see the larger picture like we do on our sample picture page of our reviews. I use ThumbsPlus to generate the thumbnails and the HTML code to insert in the page. You can also use the "batch process" to resize and compress an entire folder of larger images. You can take almost any digicam image and downsize it to 640x480 and save it at JPEG quality 75 or 80 and end up with justa 50-75Kb size image.
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I'm about to build a web page for our boat club with pictures. My thought is to have some decent sized thumbnails link to my pbase online storage site so I don't have to compromise on the image quality. Even some of the free sites let you put a decent photo up, so it shouldn't be an expense item if you get a site where you don't have to become a member to see the photos and can link directly to the image.

I haven't really done it yet, but it seems you should be able to link the thumbnail to anything you want. I'm thinking of around 200 X 200 for the thumbs so people can see what the photo is before getting the larger image if they have dial up.

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I use 160 x 120 for the thumbnail with a text description next to it. I have '3 thumbs' + text per page (going downward), which when clicked goes to the bigger picture (640 x 480).

I made a little vb app that grabs a bunch of photos, looks at the exif flag to see if it needs rotating , resizes to 640x 480 and creates a 120 x 160 thumb to go with it.

The thumbs are quite heavly compressed as theres enough info left to see what the bigger picture shows + makes the site 56K freindly.


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Old Mar 11, 2005, 9:43 PM   #7
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XNView will create thumbnailed galleries and numerous batch mode operations, including resizing.
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