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Hi, I am a newbee to this group. Could anyone of you tell me how to avoid the reflections from the eye glasses. I use canon pshot S2 IS.

And also how can I remove themin photoshop.

looking for good suggestions.

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A polarizer filter in front of your camera's lens should go a long way in removing reflections when you take pictures of reflective things.

As for photoshop, you can try to select the area where the reflection is bright, paste that into a new layer right over where this area is in the picture, and then lower the brightness (and possibly also the contrast) of this layer so that it matches the area around it. When I use the flash and get those bright circles from lit-up dust or snow, or when I have dust in my sensor, that's usually what I do.
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There isn't really a good way to avoid the reflections in glasses if the person is generally looking in your direction for a flash shot. Polarizers work only for angled reflections, not light reflected directly back to you from the flash.

Another way is to not use the flash if there is enough light.

If the reflections aren't from a flash you might be able to get rid of some of them with a polarizer.

The clone tool in Photoshop is the best bet for cleaning them up. If the reflection blocks the eyes you have to airbrush them back in after cloning.

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Old Dec 20, 2005, 7:42 AM   #4
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An old trick is to remove the lenses from the glasses, but I'm not sure the lenses come off easily on most models, or the wearer would be willing to remove them. Elevate the flash to a higher spot to avoid the reflection, if at all feasible. I try to get as much done at capture time to avoid Photoshop hassles later.
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Or you can just ask the wearer to remove the glasses altogether... :lol:

You're right, a polarizer will help with reflections at an angle, not straight back from the flash. This is one of many reasons to avoid using flash whenever possible, or to get a big flash that bounces light off the ceiling or shines it diffusely through some other means.
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