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i am thinkin of going to sammys camera to get my nikon 40. is buying a factory refurbished nikon d40 a safe way to go or is it a bad idea. costs $100 less to get the factory refurbished.

what shud i do?????
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Not being an expert, I can't say what your chances are, but look at it this way: There will almost certainly be some remaining defect on the Refurb. Is it worth the hassle to have that as an issue, as compared to $100? I suggest waiting until you can buy new, then bask in the pride of new ownership. Even then, thoroughly check out any new equipment while it is safely in warranty, and immediately ask for company correction if anything is faulty. I say this even though I buy used lenses. My experience there is that about 50% of what I buy is in need of repair or worse. Our nature being what it is, we tend to sell stuff without fully explaining its possible shortcomings, ergo--be very, very careful any way you buy. Trust no one except stores with a reputation for honesty and people you know are fair. My accumulation of life's errors is speaking.

Old Engineer
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Daniel didn't say how much he was going to pay, only that it was $100 less than new. B&H sells the D40 with kit lens for $470: body only would be about $400. If the body only price comes in under $300, I'd go for it. Much over that, I wouldn't.

A factory refurbished unit should be considered a well inspected used camera from a reputable source. Whether that is a good thing to get depends on the price difference and your own feelings. For me, if the price drop is abourt 1/3 or more it is worth it.

Buying second hand is taking a chance. I will take a chance if there is a good enough pay off.
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There's 'Factory Refurbished' and then there's 'Factory Refurbished'.

If it was refurbished at the factory (unlikely), or at the warranty service provider (somewhat likely), that's ok.

If it was refurbished by a factory trained technician at a workbench in a back room behind the showroom (very likely), that's not ok.

A 'Factory Refurbished' camera should come with a 90 day warranty, not a 14 day money back guarantee.

"Caveat Emptor": Latin for "There's a sucker born every minute."
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TCav is right: you should always look into the seller to make sure they are legit. That applies regardless of new/second-hand/refurbished/consignment/auction/... stuff. There are ways to swindle you in any of those categories from slightly misrepresenting the product to just taking the money and running.
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In all fairness: for those that are on a tight budget, the Konica-Minolta 5D, sometimes available on E-bay is an option for a DSLR body that will take all of those older and far less expensive Minolta lenses that are still also available. How about a Minolta 50mm F 1.7 for under $(US) 70!

Here is a sample photo taken with the K-M 5D and a 50mm Minolta Lens.

Sarah Joyce
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