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I am very shaky. my question is can any digital camera use a remote? I have a Kodak Z740..I thought maybe this would be good to use with my tripod, even to get myself in a family portrait. Any help is appreciated.
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No, not all digital cameras support remotes or external triggers of any sort. As far as I can tell from the on-line manual for yourcamera, the Z740 has no such support (there should be a port on the camera for the external trigger or a remote control listed as available in the accessories list. I saw neither). However, your camera does have a self-timer that can be set for 10 second or 2 second delay. This is a bit more awkward than an external trigger because you can't choose when the time is right to click the shutter, but it can be used with some practice as a second-choice alternative. External triggering is one of those things that people routinely forget to include in their check-list of features they are looking for, and it is an unfortunate oversight. It's a very desireable feature for folks who will be using a tripod.

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You used to be able to buy an adapter that velcroed over the shutter release of most cameras. I haven't seen one around for some time though.
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The Konica Minolta A200 comes with an Irfrared remote, and I am fairly sure there are a number of others as well. This is usually an accessory only found on higher end cameras, though, so be prepared to pay a premium price for the feature.

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if u dont have book for camera go to self timer on menu and see if it shows an icon like remote as well as timer, look on front for of cam for ir reciever too thats normaly a give away as to weather it can or cant
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