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Hey, this was my thread to start with, so as long as your hijacking it with something interesting, carry on!

Very good explanation; I just wish I could see supersonic flight at the airshows I attend. Never seen it in Indiana!
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Excellent explanation, airshowfan! I'm wondering if the sun was to the left of the jet (relative to the jet, I mean, so it would be "up" relative to the viewer), so it warmed the air on that side (directly and by reflection from the fuselage and tailfin) just enough to limit condensation on that side, but the shadow of the fuselage and tailfins let the other side stay just cool enough for the cloud to form. Aside from that, I have no guess for the asymmetry.

I watched every episode of Connections, Connections 2, Connections 3, and The Day the Universe Changed. I wonder what James Burke would say about the invention of photography and its evolution/expansion into digital. I'm sure "coal tar" would play a role somewhere...

"That baby's lip is wet!"
"No, it's snot!"
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I find a little time with a 'clone' marker works wonders.. then you don't loose any of the true color.. I've used this to cover up stains on my kids clothes in pics too.
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