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andy29 May 31, 2004 12:23 PM

Hello... at the moment I have a Fuji FinePix A204 that I'm selling on eBay for about £80, which gives me a budget of about £100 for a replacement (read 'better'!) camera.

I've been looking at a refurbished Fuji A405 that's got a 2MP Super CCD, which gives it an interpolated resolution of 4MP. I've just noticed the A303Z though, which has a true 3MP CCD and seems to be very compact unlike the A405, but it does cost more. Which would be the better of these two, considering the A405's 4MP is interpolated but the A303Z's 3MP is 'real'?

Does anyone have any advice about these two, or any other good cameras of other makes that I could get for this price (+/- about £15)? To be honest I'd prefer to stay with Fuji because they all seem to operate in nearly the same way, and their quality always seems to be quite good (I have used their film cameras in the past).

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