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Default Request Photo Site Recommendation

Once in a while I would like to make a photo available that is viewable via hot link. However, I want my account to be private (ie, people using the hot link cant get account information such as an email address). Also, I will need to be able to edit any photos posted (eg, change or delete).

I have this list of possibilities. Are there any recommendations?
I intend low volume usage (ie, very few photos).


Thanks in advance
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I have a free photobucket account that works pretty much that way. Posting a link to the photo just shows the photo. Linking to an album lets people browse, but only the name you use to create the account is visible. Also, albums can be made private, requiring a viewer to have a password, while others are public. Only thing I'm not really happy with, is the increasing number of ads.

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There are lots of sites that will store and display your images for you. The ones listed in the link you provided may give you free reign over how you use your images, but some of the criteria the author used to assemble that list are violations of the Terms of Service of some common and popular sites. For instance, I belong to both Photoshop.com and Flickr.com, and neither of them permit members to use them to store avatars or auction photos. If you have no intention of doing those kinds of things, the list gets a lot longer. Both Photoshop.com and Flickr.com can do what you say you want to do, but do not appear on that list.

Since the type of site we're discussing usually offers free accounts, why not create accounts on the ones you think you might like, upload the same photo or two to each of them, put them through their paces, and see for yourself which one best meets your needs and requirements.
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